A+N Other started out as a London based hand made gifting brand founded by Alban + Nhuc, who are the both the designers and creators.

Wishing to use creativity to produce a range of minimalistic everyday items with and unique and sophisticated twist. Launching a range of curated gold plated jewellery pieces and a wellness range of organic materials blended with essential oils are designed to enhance your wellbeing and make selfcare, and self love, an everyday ritual.

Having physical stores, all of the store staff were incredibly talented at their own trades and crafts which is where the A+N Studio concept was born. Offering a more full experience through their expansion.

Partnering with Cernamic Ceramics, Jujoja Vintage, Sugar + Style Fashion, Juu Illustration, Kat Klaws and Fun By Abena, Dear Susanna Jeanne Jewellery, Lucia French Illustrations and Lutra Magazine.

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Established in 2013, Sugar + Style is your destination for beautiful, wearable pieces. We focus on providing feminine yet edgy pieces that our customers can treasure. Our carefully curated pieces include clothing, bags and an extensive collection of sunglasses, all at affordable prices which do not compromise on quality.

Hand-picked one of a kind vintage

Born out of a desire to give our customers a sustainable and circular fashion option that still keeps things fun, colourful and unique.

We scour across the globe to find the best vintage gems, and deliver them to you here. So it's a guarantee that every piece has rigorously been approved by us.

Juu was founded by Joana, as a place the place where she could explore her passion for illustration, design and tufting.

Joana Fernandes is a London based Illustrator and Designer and creator of Juu.

Her works explores notions of home, playfulness and childlike wonder, through the use of analog and digital illustration, punch needle and tufting.

We are Nhuc and Quay, a sister and brother duo who are the creators of Claremont Ceramics.

We started with a short pottery course in 2019 and, over the years, we practiced and improved on our skills until we found our own personal styles. We both have a love for the arts and have artistic dreams of own. Over the years we have found pottery and ceramics the perfect outlet for our creativity.

Each product is made by hand, mostly wheel thrown (some handbuilt), in a pottery studio based in North London, Stoke Newington called Cernamic. Our core aim with each one is to make something that we ourselves would want have in our homes and something that brings a smile to our faces. As such, our products are often colourful and cute as well as rustic and in earthy tones as they reflect our personals tastes.

Abena uses resin to explore fun style jewellery, each and everyone is hand crafted and unique. Incorporating resin and high quality gold plating to ensure a piece to be treasured forever.

Stunning embellished nails by Kat. COMING SOON!

Susanna is a former fashion student who has now branched out into hand crafted jewellery focusing on beading. COMING SOON.

Designed in London this curation of delicate and sophisticated jewelery boasts a diverse range all gold plated, meaning they stand the test of time. Perfect for gifts, and for yourself. Including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

An independent print publication that supports emerging fashion designers and musicians.

My profession in printmaking has allowed my perfectionism in the fine details of natural specimens and wildlife to shine through.  I combine multiple processes of intaglio and relief printmaking to create earthy and delicate prints.  Through dry point etching in particular i can reinforce every textured surface from gnarled leaves to the soft plumes of a petal.  I find it important to keep a regular watch on the changing seasons with continual sketches to gain new insight.  


From candles, to bath salts, room diffusers and more. These porducts are all hand crafted in London with the utmost care, blending natural oils to restore peace to the everyday.